Screenwriting Sites

IMSDB (Internet Movie Script Database)

Huge collection of free screenplays.

BBC Writer's Room

Advice from the BBC on writing for film, TV sitcom, TV drama, short film, radio sitcom, radio drama, and more.

Screenwriter's Compass

Screenwriting advice and articles: "Navigating the art, craft,and business of film writing. From one who's been there and survived to tell the tale."

Gotham Writer's Workshop

Award winning screenwriting classes online (worldwide) and in New York City.
Also free resources: screenwriting articles and blogs, and more.

ScreenwritingCourses at

Screenwriter's Utopia

Assorted screenwriting resources: articles, interviews, screenplay reviews and more.

Official website of screenwriting teacher, Syd Field.

Writer's resources, up-to-date details of script sales, screenplays, interviews and more.

Script Frenzy

An annual global event in which people sign up for free and write a 100 page screenplay in the month of April, with the support and friendship of the other participants.

" is dedicated to the art of screenwriting, in particular, the short screenplay. Each month, we run a free online five page screenplay contest. Our goal is threefold: help writers improve their craft, celebrate our best work, and connect writers and their scripts with filmmakers."


Online city for creative people. Join free, upload scripts, get them reviewed, review other scripts and more.

Official website of screenwriting teacher, Robert McKee.

Plots Inc

Official website of screenwriting teacher, Linda Cowgill.
She even answers questions sent by email.

Creative Screenwriting Magazine

A leading screenwriting magazine (also free screenwriting podcasts)

The Visual Writer

Extensive written guides to aspects of screenwriting and more.
Click on the Screen Writing tab on the left to bring up a list of the different areas of screenwriting.


Official website of screenwriting teacher, Christopher Vogler

Simply Scripts

Huge collection of screenplays and treatments for film, TV and more.

Save the Cat!

Official website of screenwriting teacher, Blake Snyder

Free screenwriting and pre-production software for download.

The Writer's Store

For all your screenwriting supplies.
Also a free articles section.

The Writers Store

Official website of screenwriting teacher, Linda Seger


Free online screenwriting software, plus affordable creative support services (screenplay coverage, editing, consulting, registration for copyright purposes).

Official website for screenwriting teacher, Karl Iglesias

Making Of

Lots of screenwriter interviews, movie news, and more

Screenplay Mastery

Official website of screenwriting teacher, Michael Hauge


The full text of Aristotle's Poetics online.


Morphology of the Folk Tale

The full text of Vladimir Propp's Morphology of the Folk Tale online.

36 Dramatic Situations

The full text of Georges Polti's 36 Dramatic Situations online.

Interviews with screenwriters, screenwriting masterclasses, movie reviews, and more.

Mr Media

Interviews with screenwriters and others. Scroll down until you find the long list of people interviewed.

Charlie Rose Interviews

Interviews with screenwriters, directors, actors and others.

Cinema and Fiction

Cinema and fiction articles, interviews, nonfiction reviews, fiction reviews, dvd reviews, links (with a big blog list), and daily writing prompts.


The latest film and TV news and reviews, and more

Extensive coverage of a large range of TV shows, including episode synopses

David Bordwell

Official website of film professor, David Bordwell

Film Genres

A site covering popular film genres

The Scrivener's Fancy

All sorts of goodies can be found on this site. Of particular interest for screenwriting are the contributions of comedian/actor/writer/director Tony Martin on film and television

The Hollywood Reporter

Film and TV news and reviews, and more

Storyboards Inc

A site with lots of storyboards by a range of artists.

Scriptwriters Network

Info on formatting, debunking screenwriting myths, links, and networking in the LA area.